Tired but Happy

I start on a good note…I finished and self-published my 11th children’s book this week. I am tired but I am happy.

The journey to here has not been an easy one. Though everything I have envisioned for my life has happened up to this point, it did not manifest how I thought it would.  There were quite a few losses along the way but more than enough triumphs for me to look back fondly and say…”Hey I remember when I was there.” I have only recently got back to updating and adding more titles to my series thezanaseries.com 

For the past 2 years my team and I have had consistent work coming in. It has been quite a world wind. Animation is my life.  I love it but if you had told me 20 years ago –  when I was working in a 911 Emergency Communication Centre in the Cayman Islands – that I would be an Animator one day I would have laughed in your face. Yeah! Right! but here I am. A Freelance Animator at age 43…lol

I am going to keep it short for now. Welcome to my world ❤



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